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Be like a Squirrel and make a Nest

It’s time to be more like a squirrel! In other words, endeavour to make a cozy nest. Fall is the time when nature is in transition, and so are we. Mother nature is moving toward rest and rejuvenation in support of the next growing season. This rhythmic cycle of life is magical, and despite all our technological advancements, we are nature too. Often, we fight the rhythm that nature so

beautifully has designed. We have instituted daylights savings time so we can work more and we stay up late on technology. We fail to notice that our bodies and minds need to slow and have more support. We fight through to do more and be more. Now is the time to settle into a slower rhythm, to give thanks, and to fortify.

Each October and November, I was tired and achy. I was often overwhelmed, deflated, and frustrated, and not to mention exhausted. After many years of making appointments with my specialist to address my pain and fatigue complaints each fall, I instinctively knew that my wellbeing was something in my control. I never booked in the fall again. Interestingly, this understanding came long before I knew anything about circadian rhythm and Ayurveda. All I know is that I had to make a change if I wanted to feel different.

In the past, I was in opposition to the natural rhythm because I kept the same whimsical patterns of activity, food, and sleep from the summer. I was eating salads, running around, not sleeping enough, not wearing warm enough clothes, and always saying yes. When I stopped to listen, I knew I needed to slow down. I needed warm fortifying food, cuddly soft clothes and warm light, warm oil on my body and feet, a slower pace, some time to nest and to cuddle, some laughs and, warm and soft light, to be outside in sunlight, to increase my relaxation practice and to say no more often. I still can feel the pull of fatigue and aches. The difference is that I remember to listen and to make a nest along with my squirrel friends.

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