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The Value of Stillness

I need more restorative yoga. I have had a regular a restorative yoga practice for 30 years, but it has diminished over the last few months, and I have noticed! The reduced practice has been to my detriment and as a result I am not weathering the ups and downs of life as well as I should. I feel a bit torn down and worn out.

Restorative yoga allows me to let go of harsh or unkind experiences, as well as the often demoralizing and devastating news of the day. Restorative yoga is a progressive energetic restful practice that brings a calm to the nervous system, it softens the muscular system and allows the mind to unwind and let go. My clients and students will tell you my views that one must practice movement AND stillness as a key to health and balance. My personal movement practices are sport and activities with friends in nature, climbing, somatics, and yoga. Stillness is rest, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, and meditation. There is another important aspect of balance. It is helping others.

Simple kindness, lending a hand, or gifting a smile. Our hormones are balanced when we help others. Therefore, kindness is a superpower. Weeks ago, while I was travelling, I met an individual who was late for a long awaited post covid conference due to extreme travel delays and transfers. They were missing a chance to speak to parliament with their colleagues. I offered and I then drove them to their conference so there was no added delay in their day. I was so happy to help.

This little post is a reminder to me and to all of us to move, to smile and be kind, to restore and find a time to calm and become still. It is now time for me to increase my restore and still time so off to the mat I go to replenish. Want to create greater balance for yourself? Get in touch anytime.

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