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Wellness is Balance, Balance is Wellness

5 Ingredients to Heal, Balance, Thrive-2.png

So often we are looking for the quick fix or searching for that one new solution to everything that ails us. The body/mind/spirit is a whole integrated system.  A short term fix will not produce lasting wellness. Balance is key.

Many years ago I was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease. I wanted to feel well again. I wrote down and applied each of the following elements each day. They are: Nourish, Move; Joy/Giggle/Connect; Rest and Sleep; and Stillness. All of these are important and enabled me to rise from my bed and become healthier. For many of us, one or more of the vital daily practices is likely missing in our day, or perhaps they are out of balance. 

I use this framework and apply yoga and the concepts of ayurveda to support my body, mind and spirit. It is meditation, the right food at the right time of year, yoga, singing, laughing, meditating, sharing food, helping others and more. All in support of balance and wellbeing. 

As life is always moving, we must continue to adjust and maintain balance.  

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