Energetics of Restorative Yoga

Heal, Balance, Thrive. Restorative from an energetic perspective.

  • Starts Nov. 19
  • Beyond Yoga
  • Beyond Yoga, Ottawa, Canada

Course Description

Restorative yoga is a comprehensive practice used to support the nervous system and replenish the physical, emotional and energetic body. It is a practice of resting deeply and nourishing the whole being. The Foundations of Restorative Yoga course is a series of 4, 6-hour days at Beyond Yoga. Each day is focused on a unique energetic aspect of the practice. At Beyond Yoga Ottawa Saturdays and Sundays NOVEMBER 19 & 20, 2022 DECEMBER 3 & 4, 2022 12:00 P.M. TO 6:00 P.M. CALMING AND RELEASING Reducing Prana (Langhana Asana) Forward Folds & Inversions Autonomic Nervous System and Stress The Layers of Being Model (Kosha) PROCESSING AND HEALING Balancing Prana (Samana Asana) Twists & Extensions Supporting the practitioner and holding space The benefits of props Considering Trauma ENLIVENING THE BODY AND SPIRIT Increasing Prana (Bramhana Asana) Backbends & Laterals Prana- how energy moves Polyvagal Theory and Vagal Tone Doshic considerations ACCESSING THE WISDOM OF SOURCE Moving Beyond the Body and Mind Toward balance of our nature (Gunas) Conditions for productive practice Sequencing a practice How the course is structured? Each day is available to be taken individually or as a whole course for personal development, and to expand teaching skills. It is open to all passionate individuals who wish to develop the knowledge and skills to apply restorative yoga techniques for themselves and their students. YA Certification Requirements To receive this 30-hour Foundations of Restorative Yoga Certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance and their continuing education program, the requirements are as follows; Submit the course assignment within 6 months of the completion of the in-class portion*; Attendance and assignment approved by Kimberly Mantas. Upon completion of all four workshops and your approved assignment, you